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Things That Are: Essays

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Things That Are by Amy Leach – review

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No rest, no food, no water. Amy Leach is the author of Things That Are. Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals and reviews, including A Public Space, Ecotone, Tin House, and Orion, in addition to Best American Essays and Best American Science and Nature Writing.

My favorite essay was written by a woman named Amy Leach, called you be the moon.

Review of Amy Leach’s Things That Are

Leach uses the science behind the moon's orbit to discuss the paths of human lives. The book has a very unique collection of essays and i really enjoyed the read/5. On Whimwhams and Wild Whats: Amy Leach’s Things That Are. written by Isaac Yuen. O ne of the reasons I took a break from blogging was to push myself to start reading again.

But while I had a mountain backlog from great recommendations, I found myself not being in the headspace to explore new stories.

On Whimwhams and Wild Whats: Amy Leach’s Things That Are

Leach’s essays are as much fairy. Jun 12,  · Amy Leach’s work has been published in A Public Space, Tin House, Orion, the Los Angeles Review, and many others. She has been recognized with the Whiting Writers’ Award, Best American Essays selections, a Rona Jaffe Foundation Award, and a Pushcart Prize/5.

Amy Leach I did want for the beavers to be beavers, for salmon to mean salmon, rather than being proof of a point. I remember, in doing research on this essay, watching a little video of beavers in the wild. Amy Leach: Writing each essay was its own complete experience.

While I was writing “Silly Lillies,” I bicycled up to the botanic garden every other day to admire the huge ruffly lotus leaves and the pink water lily blossoms.4/5(1).

Amy leach essay
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