Rachel carson prize for best dissertation

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Rachel Carson Prize for Best Dissertation

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Former Bristol PhD Student wins Rachel Carson Prize for Best Dissertation

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Click here for the call for proposals for the 3rd world congress of environmental history - deadline for proposals has been extended to October 1. Join the world environmental history community in Brazil! Click here for call for nominations for ASEH's next election.

Click here for information on ASEH's lemkoboxers.com us in Columbus! Click here to read about how environmental history is. Rachel Carson Prize for Best Dissertation The Rachel Carson Award for best dissertation goes to Milica Prokić, University of Bristol, for “Barren Island (Goli otok): A Trans-Corporeal History of the Former Yugoslav Political Prison Camp and Its Inmates, from the Cominform Period () to the Present.”.

Rachel Carson

Former Bristol History PhD Student Milica Prokic has been awarded the prestigious Rachel Carson Prize for Best Dissertation ().

The prize is awarded annually by the American Society for Environmental History. This is the first time in the year history of the award that it has been given to. The American Society for Environmental History (ASEH) (Alice Hamilton Prize), and best dissertation in environmental history (Rachel Carson Prize).

Every two years, they recognize outstanding service and achievement by awarding the Distinguished Scholar Award, Distinguished Service Award, Public Outreach Project Award, Distinguished Career. Gregory Rosenthal, ’ Gregory Rosenthal, who earned his PhD in History from Stony Brook University inhas been awarded the Rachel Carson Prize for Best Dissertation from the American Society for Environmental History (ASEH).

Recipient of the Rachel Carson Prize for best dissertation from the American Society for Environmental History. M.A. in History, Princeton University,

Rachel carson prize for best dissertation
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